Our purpose to provide culturally competent, holistic, and wellness-focused services that improve the quality of life of individuals and families by compassionately serving their mental health, addiction, and community support needs.


To Respect- to recognize and respond to the human dignity of every person To Meet a Need- to work toward the recovery of health and quality of life for the people we serve and families


To Lead – To continually seek and create more effective ways to serve individuals and families

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Our Clinical Practice contains our essential guiding principles. We meet professional standards in our field and continuously improve all aspects of our work by taking an individualized holistic approach to our quality of services. 

Our counseling and mental health service promote and foster the emotional and psychological growth and well-being of all individuals in the Greater Greenville area. Our staff is committed to providing quality care in a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental atmosphere.

Positive Innergy Medical Group (PIMG) Clinical Practice allows each individual and family member to access a variety of individual and group-based service specific to their needs. 

When recommending services, the Clinical Director considers the type of concerns each individual present with, their personality and preferences, readiness for change, and research on best practices. This personalized approach allows PIMG to provide flexible and individualized services with data representation to support the mental health and well-being of each client.